Cosmetic DentistryHollywood Smile in Turkey

How to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

Are you interested in getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey? Would you like to know the details of this procedure? And how the person who underwent the procedure can obtain perfect teeth similar to Hollywood celebrities?

Do you want to know the most important medical centers inside Turkey that can achieve this type of smile to those who want it with accuracy and unparalleled skill? It is Eva Esthetic Center that we will show what it can offer to people who suffering dental problems.

Problems addressed by Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Eva Esthetic Center performs Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey for everyone who suffers from dental problems and damage, so if you suffer from the following conditions, we are in our medical center waiting for you to do what needs to be done:

  • The loss of the teeth natural color, which is pure yellowish-white.
  • Change in the color of dental fillings that attached to the teeth which causing an improper appearance.
  • Misalignment of the teeth. Sometimes they have gaps in between, sometimes they are crowded in one place.
  • Teeth fractures or noticeable differences in teeth sizes.

Eva Esthetic offers the most beautiful Hollywood smile in Turkey

At Eva Esthetic Center we take great care to examine the patient’s teeth thoroughly before deciding whether to have a Hollywood smile in Turkey, and in order to check on the general condition of teeth, gums and their sensitivity.

The cosmetic dentist begins to prepare ceramic veneers in a size and shape that perfectly fits the patient teeth who undergoing Hollywood Smile in Turkey, and then install them so they become an integral part of the natural teeth.

What are the most important features of Hollywood smile in Turkey?

Hollywood Smile can provide the patient with many great features such as:

  • Creating a state of harmony between the teeth, which make them look beautiful, bright and perfectly natural.
  • Hide annoying teeth fractures and modify any apparent teeth misalignment.
  • Hollywood Smile veneers are resistant to dental pigmentation, which means that their white color last as long as possible.

How to maintain the magic of Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile needs care and attention, so dental care does not end once cosmetic adjustments are made, but these cosmetic changes need attention and strong preservation, therefore the following should be done:

  • Do not neglect the daily teeth cleaning which is done through a special toothbrush and high-quality healthy toothpaste.
  • The continuous follow-up with the doctor to check on the veneers and teeth and perform some cleaning when needed.
  • If you are an athlete, be sure to put dental protection in place to ensure that veneers are not scratched or dropped if you get some strokes.

You can get a Hollywood smile at special prices only at Eva Esthetic Center which is the number one in the cosmetic dentistry in Turkey in terms of efficiency and accuracy, and in hair and other important cosmetic procedures.


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