Aesthetic InjectionsFiller and Botox injections in Turkey

Get beauty and shine with Filler and Botox injections in Turkey

Fillers and Botox injections in Turkey are non-surgical cosmetic methods which make them in high demand around the world because of the simplicity of injection and the results rapid implementation.

Eva Esthetic Center was keen to keep up with the latest technologies in this cosmetic field as we find strong hand in filler and Botox injections in Turkey for the face and body imperfections and their aesthetic appearance.

Brilliant aesthetic results with Botox and Filler

At Eva Esthetic Center, Botox (which is based on a protein that commonly used in this cosmetic field) injections are done, and also filler injections are used so Botox and Filler patient have one of the following results:

  • Getting rid of aging signs and the associated wrinkles in the case of injecting the face with Botox and Filler.
  • Hair loss and baldness treatment using Botox injections in a precise medical manner.
  • Change lips contours to become more puffy and bigger by injecting them with Botox or filler.
  • Treatment of some minor cosmetic nose problems using repeated Botox injections sessions.

Advantages of Filler and Botox injections in Turkey

Filler and Botox injections in Turkey have many advantages both in aesthetic terms and in terms of time and costs of this injection. Aesthetic injections are characterized by the following:

  • Filler and Botox injections in Turkey have no scars, as in some surgeries.
  • A single injection session is done quickly, taking only about 30 minutes.
  • The results of the filler and Botox injections are instant at the end of the injection, where the results are immediately noticed.
  • Ideal for ridding of all body wrinkles, as well as loose skin resulting from weight loss.
  • Filler and Botox injections do not have any complications or collateral damage to the skin, whatever the type of substance injected, it’s enough to be a high quality one.
  • The face acquires a very natural appearance after the injection if it is done in a medical professional way so there is no muscles stiffness noticed.
  • Filler and Botox injection costs in Turkey are much lower than plastic surgeries making injections a suitable option for some people.

Tips before Filler and Botox injection in Turkey

Given the fact that Eva Esthetic Center is always the best in providing the best methods of aesthetic procedures, whether surgical or injection-based, we provide you medical advices that the center’s doctors always tell those who want to have injections:

  • Before injecting filler and Botox in Turkey, you must commit to Eva Esthetic Center to undergo a medical examination and do many medical tests as an initial step before the injection.
  • Avoid any anti-inflammatory medication about seven days before the injection session.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for some time before injecting the filler and Botox.